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When to Use the Flower Essence Vine - Determination or Domination?

We are told that what we see is what we get, and there is a lot of truth to that when it comes to raising children. Early in life, children show us their strengths and weaknesses; the best and the worst so to speak of who they may become.

Our job as parents is to help guide them to be the best of themselves, ensuring their safety and happiness along the way.  Flower essences are one tool that can help guide our children back to who they came to be. 

Flower essences help balance our personalities, not change them. We are who we are; yet at times we may forget who that is. This can happen at a very young age. Flower essences help us remember. If we become imbalanced in our personalities, we may feel we are on a pendulum, swinging from one side to another, unable to find that middle ground.  Flower essences help us find our center.  

The Vine personality, when out of balance, is strong willed and domineering. They know what they want, when they want it and will move obstacles out of their way to get it. They are demanding and learn to use that energy to control situations. They know how to stamp their feet, refusing to budge until the exhausted parent feels defeated and gives in. They may become the playground bullies later in life. The good news is we can help them change that direction. 

The healthy Vine personality is a powerful leader who uses his leadership qualities to guide others toward their own paths in life. Their success comes from their willingness to listen to the thoughts and ideas of others, being mindful of their feelings. 

Vine can help us learn that the constant need to be right feeds anger and discord.  Vine helps us recognize that individual power comes from a willingness to change our rigid ways to become more flexible, free and cooperative.  A balanced Vine soon learns that getting our way sometimes means allowing others to win.

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