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Healing Our Babies Eczema

Five babies, three with eczema.  I was informed, “Many babies have eczema.”  Does that make it normal?  Not in my world.  It did make me wonder, however, why 3 out of 5 babies had developed eczema.  The three young mothers all complained they tried every ointment available to no avail.  They seemed resigned to the fact that eczema was inevitable.
The eczema rash is red and raised. It is often itchy and sometimes oozing.  It can also be dry and flaking.  It is forever changing.  It appears in different places on different children.  Sometimes it may begin to fade, only to reappear red and irritated. 
Connor’s eczema revealed itself first on his face and eventually spread to his back. Connor’s rash would not allow us to deny it; we were forced to look at it every moment. 
The two other babies’ eczema manifested behind their knees.  This clearly spoke of yeast.  Yeast likes warm and moist places.  Is eczema simply a symptom of yeast? If yeast likes warm and moist, why did Connor’s yeast reveal itself on his face and back?  So I began to think about yeast and babies. 
What causes yeast?  Digestive issues are definitely a cause as well as severe trauma, x-rays, and overuse of antibiotics; and if a mother has yeast when carrying and birthing the baby, the chances are increased that the baby will have yeast too.
Connor was admitted to ICU an hour after his birth due to trouble breathing at Denver’s high altitudes.  The trauma of that experience could very well have created yeast.  Although I am not privy to all that went on in ICU, I imagine drugs and x-rays were part of the normal ICU process. So Connor’s chance of being full of yeast were greatly increased by this early trauma in life.
Why the face?  The first three months of life, Connor was attached to an oxygen tank.  I understood the necessity.  Making sure our baby could breath safely on his own was everyone’s main concern.  His breathing tubes were attached to his face with little round tapes.  For three months, these tapes held his tubes and damaged his skin all at the same time.  So it made sense that yeast would manifest at Connor’s most weakened or damaged spot.  From this very spot, it grew and spread, until both cheeks were completely covered with the irritating rash of eczema. Why?
Having Connor stay with me during the holidays for two weeks helped me understand a little more.  I was able to watch and learn.  I learned a great deal.  
“Is there anything new you have introduced into his environment?” I asked.  Shan admitted using dryer softening sheets most recently.  When she was still an infant she was much more careful about what she introduced into his environment.  Funny when they age, we change our behaviors.    
Connor liked to rub his face on furniture, new clothing, anything and everything.  Rubbing his face on sheets washed with chemicals began a serious reaction.  My new couch did not help either. New furniture is full of chemicals and Connor took every opportunity to rub his face on the couch upholstery. I also realized that although we were careful to wash Connor’s new clothing, had we all washed our own?  How silly were we!  So to help reduce these two irritants, I kept Connor’s face away from the furniture and we washed our new clothing.  This helped a little.
Connor’s parents tried all types of creams including the conventional ones.  His back would clear up; his face would not.  The eczema on the face was persistent, and if they stopped the creams on his back, his eczema reappeared.  Maybe a different cream would help. The one that worked immediately and without a doubt was Avalon Vitamin C Antioxidant Cream which is meant to nourish the sensitive skin under the eyes.  It nourished Connor’s sensitive face, yet it did not heal the problem.
There is always a cause to a problem, and I believe Connor’s yeast was the cause.  However, once a problem is triggered, the world around us (such as chemicals in furniture and clothing) can irritate the condition.  Food in no exception. It dawned on me that one of Connor’s favorite food was organic sweet potatoes. He was eating it every day, and yeast LOVES sweet potatoes.  We immediately stopped feeding Connor sweet potatoes!  I noticed an almost instant improvement. 
Next step? Add a probiotic supplement to his bottle right before bedtime.  That was easy and it seemed to help even more.  Yet it was still not healed.
When the body uses the skin as a detox organ, cleansing the liver and/or spleen is always part of the healing process, and tissue salts fit that bill nicely.  They are a favorite of mine for little people.  They are safe because they nourish the body on a cellular level.  This is what I chose for Connor:
  • Silicea to cleanse and nourish his skin
  • Natrum Phos to balance acidity (usually yeast is connected to an acid state in the body)
  • Nat Mur to help balance digestion
  • Calc Sulph to cleanse the lymphatic system  
Most important, I watched for the emotional aspect attached to his yeast. Rash is always connected to anger, and although babies don’t come with anger, they immediately begin to learn it from each one of us.  
Raising a baby and working can be a time of great stress for new parents.  It is a time we may get into bad habits of how we treat one another using stress as an excuse to resent, blame and become angry.  None of these emotions are attached to love.  It is a time we may forget how to love one another. 
I now turned my attention to Shan and Jesse.  For the past week, I did not feel they were being very loving toward one another, and I noticed how their anger affect Connor’s eczema.  If they became angry; Connor’s rash became angry.  Our children are a reflection of our self.  If they wanted Connor to heal, they had to heal individually as well.  If they were not loving each other, they were also not loving Connor in that moment.  That was a thought they had not considered.
Neither could deny that they were learning to speak to one another in an unhealthy manner.  Neither could deny that they were using blame to continue this behavior.  Neither were taking responsibility for their own actions.  I wanted to help them become more conscious.
I asked Shan and Jesse to pay closer attention to how they were communicating with one another.  Wasn’t it as easy to speak lovingly as it was to speak angrily? I also taught them that every injury, imbalance or pain in a body needs loving attention.  So if we look at Connor’s rash with fear, anger, disdain or disgust, it will not help to heal the problem.  Practice loving Connor’s rash as you love Connor; it is a part of who he is right now, and the truth is, we love all of him.  Connor’s rash did not change the fact that Connor had a beautiful face; Connor is beautiful with or without a rash.
I was very proud of them.  They took my advice seriously and began to practice communicating in a more loving and healthy way.  Within days, it was evident we were on the right track.  Connor’s face was improving quickly. We stopped feeding the yeast, and we remembered to nourish his soul with love. 

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