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When a Child May Need Walnut - The Transition Flower Essence

Walnut is a 2nd chakra flower that is used to help create healthy relationships in life with our ‘self’ as well as others.  As adults, when the 2nd chakra is out of balance, hormonal issues can develop. Walnut can be helpful in balancing our hormonal states after childbirth and during pre and post menopausal times.  Walnut helps us move freely through these periods of transition.

Walnut can be extremely useful for many childhood situations when resistance to change is apparent.  One incident comes to mind when a 2 year old child was brought to me because her teeth refused to pop through.  Her mother was extremely concerned.  Within weeks after using walnut, one tooth after another quickly appeared.  

My greater concern in this situation was not the teething problem; it was the parenting problem. The mother was resist to the fact that her baby was ready to become a toddler.  She preferred that her baby remain a baby to satisfy her own needs.  Words are very powerful and the baby’s inability to mature was influenced by her mother’s fears.  A dose of walnut for the mother was apparently needed as well.

Other instances when walnut can be helpful is when a toddler is resistant to potty training.  A few drops a day can help a child easily move through these new experiences.  For parents who have allowed their children to sleep in bed and are having problems breaking these old habits, walnut can help shift them to sleeping on their own.

Walnut can be used in many ways during changes in life that seem too much to handle or when we avoid the need to change... going off to school, moving to a new home, divorce, marriage... there are countless instances that Walnut can help us enjoy changes the way nature intended.

Changes in life, whether we deem them good or bad, are all opportunities to learn and experience more about who we came to be.  Avoiding or resisting change can create stagnation which in turn brings about that feeling we often refer to as “stuck” in life situations.  Walnut helps unbind that energy, allowing a to return to the excitement that every new opportunity affords.

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