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Feeding Our Babies, Naturally

Can it be in the that in the 21st Century, we are struggling with creating laws that give a woman the right to breastfeed in public? Is it possible that some of us are of the opinion that breastfeeding a child is not a beautiful act of love? Are there still people who believe a woman and her baby should be hidden away in a public restroom when it is time to nurse?

What is it that we are afraid to see? Is a woman's breast so unsightly and disgusting? And is it strange that men can expose their breasts with comfort and freedom, yet women must cover themselves? From what dark ages did this belief come from? And is it time now to change this old belief?

Is a society in which a woman feels any shame or fear to feed her child at the moment her child is hungry an ill founded society? Would we deny anyone the right to eat when hungry? Do our infants have less rights than anyone else?

Throwing women off airplanes or charging them with indecent exposure for the normal act of nursing can no longer be an accepted practice in our country. In the land of the free, isn't it time for mother's to be free to feed their babies?

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Anonymous said...

agree! and especially to the very last paragraph! very silly, immature, irresponsible and insensitive attitude to something so very natural! more so in a country like the USA!

Would like to add another perspective too. Probably it has got to do with the 'observers' being uncomfortable, excited and jealous and therefore blaming the nursing mother! Everything has go to do with the eye of the beholder!

In Asian countries, young nursing mothers were cautioned against 'evil eyes' befalling on them that can deprive adequate breast-milk. So nursing the babies was most often done in privacy!:)