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Eight Steps to Vibrational Healing With Children

I was blessed to be introduced to vibrational medicines over 30 years ago when my children were coming into this world.  There were eight important steps I took so I could eventually teach my children how to heal themselves:

One:  I educated myself on the products and therapies I was spiritually drawn to.

My mothering instincts guided me to a vast array of books and seminars on alternative healing therapies.  I took advantage of every opportunity presented to me.  I studied herbal medicines, vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic cooking, homeopathy and flower essence therapies.  I knew it was important to trust the medicines I chose to administer and the food I chose to feed them. The more I studied, the more I trusted. 

Two: I recognized that each of my children was unique and different and each required individual attention to their own healing journeys.

To help my children heal, I had to get to know each of their personality types intimately.  I paid close attention to their body’s signals, physical and emotional, which alerted me when they needed assistance to return to balance.  I also paid close attention to the results, or lack thereof, of the remedies I chose to help them heal.  

Three: I demanded a respectful relationship with any doctor or practitioner I hired.

We did not always agree all the time, however, it was essential that my beliefs were honored. I found doctors and practitioners that allowed us to develop a healthy relationship.  I knew my children best and demanded respect as the main caregiver of their healing needs. It was most important that I was comfortable with any medicine or therapy that was suggested.

Four: I trusted constitutional remedies as an essential part of my children’s healing process.

Because homeopathy was where I felt most comfortable at the time, I searched for a homeopathic doctor who helped me determine each of my children’s constitutional homeopathic remedies.  As my knowledge expanded, flower essences and tissue salt remedies were as equally important to help them heal.  

Five: I created a healing medicine cabinet that fit their individual needs.

Over time, each child had their own unique medicine cabinet that I relied on to help move any energy that became stuck in their bodies.  When they became ill, I taught them to ask, “What am I doing to create this imbalance in myself?”  These are powerful words that allow us to take responsibility for our body’s unique language, which is the first step in vibrational healing.  

Six: I learned to accept that others did not have to agree with me.

At some point I realized it was unhealthy to force my beliefs upon anyone else.  If I wanted to be respected, I had to respectful of other's beliefs.  I learned to let go and let be, yet at the same time, I became confident in my abilities and my knowledge of the healing practices I was choosing to use.  

Seven: I realized that my children came to teach me what I needed to heal in myself. 

I learned early in the healing process that I was programming my children from the moment of conception with every thought I was thinking and every word I was speaking.  I learned to choose my thoughts and words wisely.  I also learned that as I was trying to teach them, they were actually teaching me.  Eventually I came to understand that the behaviors I wanted changed in them, I first had to change in myself. 

Eight: I respected that I was leading my children and I wanted it to be in a healthy direction. 

The years have taught me a great deal about healing. My children, and now my grandchildren, continue to be my most powerful teachers.  When I desire them to be more loving; I become more loving myself.  When I desire them to be more forgiving, I become more forgiving myself. When I desire them to be more compassionate, I become more compassionate myself.  Most importantly, I have learned that in the end, love heals all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights...always!

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment. It brought a smile to my face today!

Anonymous said...

you have always worked with me to heal,i am a believer,ask yourself whats going on..