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My Child is A Reflection of Me …

I laugh when I hear parents say, “I’m done when they turn 18”. In a spiritual world, we are never ‘done’. We can’t be done. We made a lifetime spiritual commitment with our children. Whatever we do will affect each of us throughout our lifetime together.

Connor, like every soul born unto the Earth, has his own special mission. Shannon is learning to guide him through that mission and not get in the way of it. In order for her to do that, she first must recognize who she has become and what she needs to learn from him.

It did not take long for the journey to begin. At six weeks old, I received the first frantic new-mother phone call. “Connor has a cough, Mom. I don’t know what to do!”

My reply was immediate, “What are you resenting?”

Connor was speaking to his mother through the language of symptoms. And Shan was about to learn what he was trying to tell her.

“Connor’s symptoms are letting you know what you need to change in you. His body is responding to your energetic reactions to a situation. He is your mirror. His cough allows you to look at your self and your own resentments.”

Although Shan is now working from home, she resents having to work at all. She would love to be a stay-at-home mom. So “having to work” is the core of her resentments.

Now that she understood the issue, her next question was, “How do I fix it?”

“Speak truthfully to Connor about your feelings. Make sure he understands that your resentments are not about him. Love your self through the situation presented, and love him through his desire to help you. Then give him a drop of Willow to move the energy that is stuck in his bronchial tubes. And finally give yourself a week’s worth of Willow to help you recognize your own resentments.” Once the energy was honored, Connor’s cough immediately cleared up.

How do we honor energy? First Shan had to recognize the energy for what it was – a choice to be resentful. Her next step was to change the energy by truthfully expressing her feelings.

Children are never too young to hear our truth. And because truth and love are of the same vibration, it is through truth that Connor and Shannon will develop a loving relationship.

Two weeks later, another frantic moment, “Mom, help! Connor started coughing again.”

My reply was the same, “What are you resenting?”

Shan is being given an opportunity to recognize her patterns of behavior through Connor. It was a win-win situation. We played the same game as last time – recognize the resentment, honor it by speaking to Connor truthfully and follow with a little Willow for both of them. The following day Connor was cough free.

Two weeks later, enter round three (do we see a pattern here?): “His cough is back, worse than before!”

I asked Shannon to think about what happened on that Wednesday, two days prior. She admitted to me that Wednesday had been a ‘bad’ day for both she and Connor. Shannon’s resentments were turning into “hating having to work”. Connor’s deep cough was a reflection of Shannon’s hate.

Shannon had to decide where she wanted to focus her energy. She could focus on hating having to work or she could focus on loving that she is able to work from home and be with Connor at the same time.

Shan recognized her resentments, now turning into hate, for the third time (and three just may be a charm). This time however, after her forgiveness talk with Connor, he needed two drops of Holly, which spoke to me about how deep her resentments were stored. Holly energy can manifest as hate in the lungs, and isn’t it funny that Connor had an issue with his lungs only 2 hours after birth. How interesting…

I asked her exactly what it was she wanted to teach Connor, anger or love. She got the point, apologized to him for teaching him her negative behaviors and turned her anger into love toward her baby and her ability to work from home. Connor was cough free later that afternoon.

Our children come to Earth to help us heal. Once we recognize this energy for what it is, we can easily move through it. Connor’s cough is a simple and effective way to get his mother’s full attention.

We affect one another through our thoughts, words, and actions. Children do not come with resentments, guilt, fear or shame; they learn this behavior through us. Can we just as easily teach them love and truth and peace?

My job is to help Shannon recognize the language behind the symptom. Her job is to choose to love her ‘self’ and Connor through it.,

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cruncymunchiemamas said...

I wish you were my mother! This was so nice to read. I could use some help with my 3 yr old! Thank you for pointing out that the symptom is mirroring our behaviors and energy, that sure helps explain some recent happenings. So much love your way, Val