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When a Child Might Need the Flower Essence Aspen to Help Them Heal

Aspen is a fear flower and fears manifest in the physical body as:  crying, nightmares and sleeping disorders, digestive disorders, circulatory problems and anxiety.  The Aspen energies are attached to unknown, forgotten or buried traumas.

From a very young age, our children are taught how to respond through our reactions. If we react fearfully, we will teach them fear.  Fear may eventually become part of their personality, a means in which they learn to protect themselves from the outside world.  Flower essences can help us reprogram those initial learned patterns of behavior.

Aspen is used often for little children, especially those that awaken with bad dreams and night terrors.  These symptoms are often attached to an old trauma that had been forgotten or buried and has now become awakened by a present emotional situation or experience.  Aspen helps to move this old energy gently through the system.

Rescue Remedy is helpful during the initial moments of releasing trauma; however, I have often felt it lacked the one remedy that helps to bring us back into a tranquil or peaceful balance, and that remedy is Aspen.

Aspen can also be useful during times when young children are plagued with tummy aches.  Digestive upsets can be tied to forgotten fears, and Aspen is helpful when we are unable to put our finger on exactly what the child is afraid of and yet their body is clearly responding in a fearful way.

If we have not healed our behaviors during childhood the Aspen personality may become anxiety driven later in life.  Aspen can help balance that anxiety and bring a state of calm and tranquility to an overstimulated nervous system.

All fear will eventually revert back to the original one - fear of not being loved.  The ability to express loving support during these fearful moments will go a long way in helping our children heal themselves.


Anonymous said...

Good day Linda, what a well explained article! Thank you.
Did not know that unresolved childhood fears could turn out as anxiety driven adults!

Would Aspen or any other homeopathic remedy help my 4 and 8 years old niece and nephew from bed-wetting? Is it fear or any other emotional cause for it?

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Thank you for your kind words. Many of our adult issues are programmed into us as little children. Healing is about changing the programming.. much like changing the channel on a TV. The problem is that many of us think we only have that one channel to work with.

Bed wetting can be from many issues.. usually the bladder is unable to hold the water throughout the night and the children don't awaken until after the fact. The bladder holds the energy of disappointment with oneself. Are there expectations placed upon the children that may be too much for them to deal with? Do they need to stop drinking liquids at a certain time before bed? Do they need to be awakened after a few hours to help get them through the night?

I would not think that Aspen would be the clear remedy in this case unless fears are involved.

There is a Cell Salt that might be appropriate to try called Natrum Muriaticum. It comes in a 6x potency and helps to balance the water in the body. That might prove useful...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda for your prompt reply and suggestions. Appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. Will pass on the info to the mother of those 2 children. It is more than just pragmatic, common sense! Calls for a need to alter /re-look with regard to parenting skills!
Looking forward to reading fresh posts from you.