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Is Every Family Blessed with a Sensitive Child?

It took awhile before my oldest daughter was able to admit that she had birthed a chemically sensitive child. I sat patiently waiting for that day to arrive.

“Connor was out of control yesterday Mom. He was actually throwing himself on the floor. He reminded me of Joshua when he was that age!”
I was not surprised by Shannon’s comment. Connor and I spent a lot of time together during his week long visits and I was watching his reactions to certain foods. I was hoping that Shannon was finally making peace with the fact that my grandson was following in his Uncle Josh’s footsteps. 
It was not easy for Shannon to admit this bit of news. When she was young, Shannon became indignant when our lives were altered to meet her younger brother’s sensitive needs. She refused to understand why she had to “suffer” for her brother’s sensitivities.
Of course, I never thought our lifestyle was the cause of any suffering. Quite the contrary. I thought more of it as a lifestyle that promoted health.  Her memories of weird food and unusual cleaners prompted her to pray that her son could avoid his Uncle Joshua’s experiences. I sat back and watched knowing that time would reveal the truth.
“Do you have any idea what caused him to react?”  I wondered if she had an explanation for his uncontrollable behavior. I lived through many of those same moments with Uncle Josh.
“The cause was quite obvious. I was cleaning with a Swiffer duster. Connor loves to help, so I gave him one so he could dust the furniture.  It did not take long after he finished dusting for his nasty behavior to appear.”
I was impressed that Shannon was ready to face the truth. “What did you do?” 
“I gave him a dose of Staphysagria. Within a short time, I had my content little boy back. I’m happy you thought to send it home with us on our last visit!” I was very proud of my daughter and grateful that her brother taught us how to move chemicals quickly through a sensitive little body. I always felt blessed to have a sensitive child. Thirty years later, Shannon is blessed too! 
Why does Staphysagria work so well for these personality types?  According to The Homeopathy Bible by Ambika Wauters:
“The Staphysagria patient is very sensitive and has violent and passionate outbursts…It is useful for illnesses that have been caused by a person bottling up their anger inside. They… are sensitive to sounds, sights, taste and touch…” 
Connor is a Staphysagria child just like his Uncle Josh. Chemicals made Connor angry; Staphysagria helped bring him back to balance.
The main difference between sensitive children and everyone else is the instant affect chemicals have on their physical and emotional bodies. The quick reaction time makes denial almost impossible, alerting us to the poisons nearby.  I often wonder what we would have done without Joshua and Connor to help guide us back toward health.


Anonymous said...

Ohh! I'm totally flummoxed! Don't know what to say.

Want to thank you for sharing your knowledge to help others, amazed at your courage and positive attitude, and angry with the way we have introduced so much toxins into our lives.
Must have been an uphill task while raising your son Linda, when all around people were (and still are) a lot ignorant of the effects of toxins on small bodies. Yet you were sensible to be patient and caring and loving.

Now, with this understanding, I would henceforth be more tolerant, empathetic and caring before i make any adverse remarks on a child's conduct. Big shift in perspective! Thank you for it.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. It brought a smile to my face and what a good way to begin my day. Knowledge is everything... love is healing! :)