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A Pain in Shan's Back

After arriving into Montserrat, the first thing I do is contact my children.  I reached Shan via Skype on Thursday to find out she was in terrible back pain.  “My back went out”, she informed me.  “I’ve been in pain since Monday.”  

“Do you want to know why it went out?”  I asked.
“Okay”, she replied.  I could feel the reluctance in her voice not understanding why she waited so long to ask for help.  And even now I realized she still had not asked.  I questioned myself whether I should offer; however, the mother in me could not help herself.  No matter the age, a mother is always read to kiss those boo-boos away.  We just do it differently as they get older!
Her ‘reading’ revealed that this energy actually went back to Saturday morning.  And I remembered that we had spoken Saturday morning.  She was in California setting up a major booth for a major trade show.  It was her first BIG show and Shan’s fears were coming through.  “Would it be good enough? Would her work be judged or even worse, would she disappoint those she worked with?”  
Shan is a wonderful employee, as she is equally a wonderful mom. Whatever she does, she does wholeheartedly and responsibly.  She has to - she is an Agrimony!  And as with all Agrimony’s, they forget sometimes to simply love what they are doing.  Shan is no exception to this rule.
Instead of loving what she had done, she began to surround herself in fear.  These fears were connected to failure, mistakes and rejection. Shan was connected to all of them.  It is these types of fears that settle in the space they are most comfortable; the gall bladder. And as with any gall bladder that is surrounded in fear, this energy can reveal itself as a deep pain in the lower back.
Once exposed for what it was, Shan noticed an immediate shift.  “My back is already beginning to feel better.”  That made me smile. My kisses were working! 
This was a very powerful confirmation.  Once recognized for what it really is, the energy is now able to move.  We are giving it the attention it is demanding of us and it is responding in a positive way.  It is this ability to feel the shift that lets us know we are heading in the right direction.  Keep going!
Now that she was connected to the real issue (also known as truth), I had her take 100 drops of Larch to ground her into confidence and self assurance.  I also suggested she take one Dandelion every day to help move this energy into the bladder where it could finally be urinated away.  Our bodies are perfectly designed to heal.
By the next day, Shan’s back was healing nicely.  She was almost pain free.  The lesson is a very powerful; one I hope she learns:
It is not important how others feel about who we are and what we do; 
however, it is extremely important how we feel about our ‘self’.  
Had Shan stepped back the day her work was completed and had she allowed her ‘self’ to know (without a doubt) that she loved what she had accomplished, the energy in her body would have floated in love. Instead, she feared how others felt and her body become stuck in fear.  Shan’s fear had to settle in the one place fear is most comfortable - the gall bladder.
Pain is simply the absence of love; it lets us know when we are not loving our ‘self’.  Pain demands us to return to love.  It’s pain-ful to choose anything else.  
Pain helps us remember that which we choose to forget.
As we heal, we come to the understanding that we can as easily love as we can fear.  These are the choices we must make with every situation we create. The difference being, we are taught so well to fear outwardly instead of love inwardly.  
Through my many years of healing, I am learning to teach myself differently and in the process, I am hoping to teach my children as well.

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