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Mother's Milk to the Rescue!

With new babies bring new lessons and my son and daughter-in-law were up for every lesson Ayla came to teach them.

New babies are sensitive little beings. They are safe and protected inside the womb and it does not take long to be introduced into a world full of chemicals and toxins.  What is a new mother to do?  Wendy would soon be put to the test.

Only days after her birth, Ayla had a mucusy discharge from one of her eyes.  Wendy was quick to go on line and google alternative treatments for Ayla’s eye problem. She read that mother’s milk is the perfect medicine to heal mucusy eye problems, and since mother’s milk is full of natural antibodies it made sense, didn’t it?  Wendy was about to find out.

Wendy soaked a clean cotton cloth with her milk and gently dabbed it on Ayla’s eye.  After the first application, the mucus changed from slimy green to clear.  Wendy continued the application three times each day continuing to see progress. By day three the mucus had cleared completely.  Wendy was quite proud of herself; I was proud of her too!

A few days later, a second problem presented itself and Ayla came with no instructions!  Ayla’s tender bottom was raw and red: the classic sign of diaper rash. Josh was convinced the new baby wipes, although touted as "natural for sensitive babies," were the culprit.  They were immediately replaced with a brand Josh felt was a better choice (he is intuitive).  This would help Ayla’s problem long term; however, it did not help Ayla’s immediate pain. 

I thought it may also be attached to a yeast problem, as Wendy was administered a strong antibiotic during delivery; and she had recently eaten food that could stimulate a yeast condition.  My suggestion was to open an acidophilus capsule in a bit of warm water and gently squirt it directly on the rash.  Wendy was open to that suggestion. 

My next thought was to try mother’s milk again.  It worked for the eye; why not diaper rash as well?  The one thing we were sure of is it would not hurt Ayla’s tender bottom.  Wendy went back into mother/nurse mode and by morning all signs of Ayla’s rash had disappeared.  Mother’s milk to the rescue for a second time in a week!

Ayla taught us a valuable lesson that week. Mother’s milk seems to be the perfect solution for whatever ails a newborn baby; and as we all know.. a happy baby makes for a happy home!

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