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When a Child Might Need Willow Flower Essence

Willow is for those who have learned to hold anger in the form of bitterness, resentment and blame.  All of these energies can eventually lead to a victim or “poor me” mentality.  The longer we are taught to blame or hold on to anger, the more we may lean toward feeling bad for ourselves.

These types of angers are stored in the 6th chakra mucus membranes (ears, eyes, nose and the mucus membranes from the nose to the hairline).  Headaches can also come into play with this type of energy especially those centered above the eyes.  Sinus infections, allergies, colds and ear infections can all point one toward the Willow flower.  The throat and bronchial tubes can be affected by Willow energy when mucus drips from the sinus area into the 5th chakra.

The first sign of a sneeze can be a signal that we have entered the state of resentment. So for our very young ones, a few drops of Willow following this initial symptom may ward off the longer effects of these energies.

Children don’t come this way; they learn this way.  Look to your own emotional imbalances and physical symptoms to give you a clue where they may have learned this energy and why it may now be stuck in their system.

Those who do not heal this energy and choose bitterness, resentment and blame will often disassociate themselves from family and friends. They justify their behaviors by blaming others for their own anger. They are strong in their opinions and tend to force their will with a strong desire to be heard. Disassociation is a protection to keep them from feeling hurt by those they love. 

Of course, not feeding the emotion is essential for any real healing to begin and the foods that feed these emotions are cow dairy products, oranges and orange juice, white sugars, refined carbohydrates and yeasty breads.  

The way to healing this energy is always through forgiveness.  “I am sorry ” and “please forgive me” are very powerful words.  Practice using them often in your home so your children are comfortable using them as well.  The more we use healing words in our home, the faster our children will follow our lead so healing can begin.  Forgiveness will lead us to love, and love really does heal all!

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Great piece, thank you. Looking forward to more of your work